To reduce the damage caused by scoops, it is necessary to use a complex of preventive measures:

  1. To destroy weeds in areas that divide borders and paths, especially flowering ones, on which butterflies constantly accumulate for additional nutrition.
  2. During egg-laying and hatching of caterpillars, the scoop regularly conducts deep loosening of the soil between the rows.
  3. During the mass summer, to catch butterflies on crops, use plates (containers, troughs) with water, adding jam or beer to them for the smell. The content needs to be changed periodically.
  4. To spray plantings damaged by caterpillars, infusion of blooming wormwood (300 g of chopped raw materials, 1 cup of wood ash and 1 tbsp.spoon of liquid soap, pour 10 l of boiling water, cover, leave for 5-6 hours). Spray immediately after cooling the infusion.
  5. To use an effective and harmless biological method for combating scoops – a trichogram predator that destroys pest eggs. During the laying period, the three-time release of bronchograms (30–40 thousand animals per 1 ha with each release) should be carried out with an interval of 5–6 days.
  6. Chemical preparations are effective against caterpillars scoop: Decis, 2,5% to. Z. – 2 ml per 10 l of water; Arrivo, 25% ke on 10 l of water; Sherpa, 25% ke – 1.5 ml per 10 liters of water. When working with insecticides, try to prevent them from reaching other areas and crops, strictly observe the waiting time (the number of days from processing to harvest) specified in the instructions.
  7. After harvesting vegetables, carry out deep autumn digging of the soil, select and destroy chrysalis pupae.

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