FinextraTV `s Review of Sustainable Finance.LIVE

FinextraTV's Review of Sustainable Finance.LIVE

Richard Peers, Founder of ResponsibleRisk, walks Hannah Wallace of FinextraTV through Sustainable Finance.LIVE highlighting his key takeaways and providing a summary of the workshops. We hear about what was achieved over the course of the virtual event and gain an exclusive insight into what we can expect to learn from the next co-creation workshop in this series of events, on Private Banking & We…

Sustainable Finance.Live: Positive change through innovation and collaboration

Richard Peers, Founder of ResponsibleRisk sets the scene for Sustainable Finance. Live, the first in a series of events that sets out to provide actionable strategies, debunk the myth that value cannot be created by meeting sustainability goals and show how revenue can be generated through trustworthy implementation of ESG (environmental, social and governance) measures.

In this exclusive interview, Richard speaks with Hannah Wallace, FinextraTV, about what has stopped banks and large organisations from investing in Sustainable Finance and taking action in the past, the pattern of “Fear of doing good, as might do bad”, how the issue of climate change has come to the forefront and what’s driving commitment in this area. He ends by highlighting some use cases of AI & ML in this space and addresses whether the opportunities of assessing vast data sets to produce the products and solutions necessary in Sustainable Finance, outweigh the challenges.

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Sustainable Finance.Live: How best to design the report and reporting process.

Richard Conway, CEO, Elastacloud, speaks at Sustainable Finance. Live about energy sustainability, whether the challenges we face with understanding data necessary for sustainable products and solutions can be overcome, the methodologies organisations need to explore around data going forward, the role of AI and how best to design the report and reporting process.

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FinextraTV: Sustainability Studio born from the SF. Live workshop series

Richard Conway, CEO, Elestacloud, & Darshna Shah, Lead Data Scientist, Elastacloud speak to Richard Peers before SF. Live about their Sustainability Studio, born from the SF. Live workshop series and why the founders decided to build an ESG product.

Find out more about the upcoming co-creation workshop ‘Supply Chain Traceability: Better Data, Lower Risk​’ and register your place now:

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FinextraTV: Sustainable finance, fintech and the IFC solution

David Postlethwaite, Sustainable Finance Lead at Jersey Finance, and Harry Briggs, Associate Director at KPMG Channel Islands, discuss how IFCs provide the perfect ecosystem to nurture the symbiotic and increasingly important relationship between sustainable finance and fintech innovation.

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