Kravchik is a black beetle 2-2.5 cm long. He has a large head and large jaws, which he moves menacingly when he is picked up or tapped on the back. Crawlers live in minks. Gardeners are greatly harmed by them since beetles cut plants with their jaws and drag them into minks. At first, there were not very many insects, and the damage to the garden and the garden from them was not very noticeable.

Control Measures

In a mink of beetles, it is necessary to fill in a water-oil emulsion. In a two-liter plastic bottle with water add 100 ml of sunflower oil, homely, smelling good. Shake the mixture to make it whitish. Close the bottle with a cap, in which you need to make a hole through which the liquid is injected into the cracks of the crazies. Beetles gasp and crawl out, as oil affects their respiratory system. And even on the surface they can no longer breathe and die. But the main thing is the safest way. Ants fly with pleasure on these bugs and eat. And in the holes, from which the bug did not crawl out, the ants will go in droves – it is clear that the bug has suffocated and has not reached the surface.

You can also just pour the mixture into the mink directly from the neck of the bottle. For several days, massive damage from the activities of crawling beetles will be suspended.

Yes, this method, although quite time-consuming, is effective. The most unpleasant thing for the gardener is the wasteland next to the garden since it is simply not realistic to etch, catch the crazies there.

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