If you managed to make out this parasite at an early stage when it is not protected, then it is enough to carefully and diligently spray the plant with an insecticide solution. However, if this moment is still missed, then the struggle will become a little more difficult. Do not think that to get rid of the scab, it will be enough for you to raise the humidity, as is necessary for a spider mite, or spray with a solution of laundry soap, as required by the aphid.

Mechanical cleaning is what helps to remove the shield. Yes, it’s with your own hands. Naturally, using improvised tools, such as an unnecessary toothbrush, can help. Many people recommend using a cotton swab that is first necessary to moisten in the solution Akhtar or malathion.

The mechanical method is quite reliable, but only if you have a lot of patience and you can remove all the pests. The whole problem is that the scabbard breeds at a tremendous speed, and there are live-bearing ones, and there are those that lay eggs. They become motionless, as they guard their offspring. And if you overlooked at least one speck, then all the work went in vain. But gardeners recommend radical methods.

Immediately after you remove all parasites from the plant, you need to carefully spray it with a solution of actara. Pay special attention to the inside of the sheet (after all, this is their favorite place). The young or not tall plant the next day must be watered with the same solution. After, repeat the procedure in a week. In this case, the first thing affected by the scabbard plant must be isolated from others, and the place on which it stood, and preferably neighboring plants, should be carefully treated with an actar.

Since almost all insecticides have a pungent odor and are also toxic, it is best to carry out processing in non-residential premises. One important detail should also be taken into account: watch for air humidity, since if it is elevated, then this is an excellent condition for the reproduction of scale insects. Therefore, in summer sunny weather, it is better to take the plant to fresh air and put it where there is good lighting. Bright light slows down the development of scale insects.

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