The Role of Open Banking & Open Finance for the Future

The Role of Open Banking & Open Finance for the Future

David Hooper, Vice President, Banking & Payments Consulting, CGI, speaks to FinextraTV during Sibos 2021 about what Open Banking is and what it’s becoming, how it will continue to change the banking landscape, and the future of data mining and getting to know your customer better.

UKFW 2020 – Open Finance: What is the Future of Open Banking?

Open Banking has been a revolution in FinTech and wider financial services. But what is the future?

Discussion points:
Is it too early to talk about Open Finance?
What are the benefits of Open Finance and what does it mean for players and users?
What are the current issues with Open Banking?
Have customers’ expectations widened from Open Banking to Open Finance?

Moderator Tram Anh Nguyen, Co-Founder, CFTE
Felicia Meyerowitz Singh, CEO & Founder, Akoni
David Beardmore, Ecosystem Development, Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE)
Ross Laurie, CEO, Visible Capital
Emily Reid, Partner and Head of Financial Services, Hogan Lovells
Chris Gorst, Director, Nesta Challenges
Sam Seaton, CEO, MoneyHub

From Open Banking to Open Finance. What’s to come? | Digital Finance Conference 2021

Open Banking has hitherto seen vivid discussions about its disruptive potential. Whilst PSD2 is just to be assessed we see a clear commitment toward open finance and with it a commitment to more diversity in the financial industry. So what are the core goals and challenges to shape the open finance system the customer needs and is beneficial to market participants?

– What is the status quo of open banking and where do we see new developments (e.g. insurance sector)
– Access to data – how open are open banking and open finance today? And how will data be used for new business models in the future?
– What does the future of open banking look like? Will we see more cooperation among financial entities, TPPs, and new players?

Watch the panel “From Open Banking to Open Finance. What’s to come?” by Adam Gagen, Vice President, Government Affairs, EMEA, at American Express, Dr Lea Siering, CRO of finleap connect, Caroline Jenke, Chief Legal & Regulatory Officer at FinTecSystems, and Sebastian Langrehr, CSO, Market Strategy & Sales at Friendsurance, at #digifin21. You can find more information on the Digital Finance Conference 2021 here:

From Open Banking to Open Finance to Open Data

Our CEO and Co-Founder, Rune Mai, joins a star-studded panel of fintech gurus on this edition of the Future of Finance webinar to talk about all the exciting opportunities to improve services for retail consumers and SMEs through the competition-led innovation of open banking.

It has become clear that the original concept of open banking – changing account providers – is only the beginning. New innovators are entering the market, and any service that saves consumers time can win a following. This means the impact of competition and innovation will be felt throughout the industry, creating new threats for incumbents and new opportunities for firms prepared to change.

This Future of Finance event asks panellists what sorts of firms can cut costs and improve their services for consumers and SMEs, while at the same time increasing profits for themselves.

This video was originally featured on the Future of Finance YouTube page and has been uploaded with their permission. You can subscribe to and follow Future of Finance here:

Open Banking Explained

Want to learn MORE? Browse CFTE Open Banking and Platforms specialisation NOW:

Janos Barberis, the Head of Entrepreneurship at CFTE and Founder of Supercharger explains the Open Banking benefits and opportunities. Learn about APIs, Open Banking examples and how you can implement it in your digital transformation.

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