The best time to use chemicals is when young hatching individuals leave their mother’s womb or egg sack. They are not yet coated with a protective wax and are very vulnerable. The difficulty with controlling the mealybug is precise because different generations of insects are on the plant at the same time, so a single use of the insecticide kills only young individuals, and after some time new ones hatch. In this regard, the use of drugs should be repeated several times every 7-14 days. The higher the stage of development of the larvae, the more difficult it is to deal with them.

Currently, stores sell a huge amount of chemicals, including in the form of sprayers and sprays. After applying them to the plant, the protective chemical substance begins to be absorbed and enters the juices of the plant. Insects suck out such juice and pickle.

Very well in the fight against mealybugs have proven themselves drugs that, in addition to biologically active substances, also contain oil. However, there are a number of flaws here. These drugs should be applied only to the affected areas and to those places that are considered potential insect shelters.

When using sprays before use, it is necessary to carefully read what the minimum distance to the plant should be when applying, since the spray can very badly damage the leaves.

You can also find protective granules and so-called root sticks on sale. It should be borne in mind that in addition to protective substances, these products also contain fertilizer, therefore, before use, it is necessary to carefully study their composition, since the roots of many plant species are very sensitive to various kinds of salts, and can burn very quickly. For these species, these drugs are not acceptable. Sometimes dilution of the drug in water can help in order to convey fertilizer and medicine to the roots in a lighter form.

When combating a mealybug, it is necessary to repeat the procedures for exposure to chemicals to prevent the appearance of a new, more stable generation, so you should carefully monitor the period of repeated exposure indicated on the package.

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